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I Was a Skeptic of “The Shack,” Then I Spoke With the Author

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I have just seen the movie The Shack for the second time and have read the book three times. Can you tell I’m a fan? Initially, I was quite a skeptic.

People had warned me not to read the book. And when I heard that God, who is called Papa, was portrayed as a large black woman, I really wasn’t inspired to read it. You should know that I have known the Lord for 40 years; I am very protective of doctrine and orthodoxy.

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The Day I Realized America’s Miscarriage of Justice

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It’s significant that a prayer vigil with Bound4LIFE is called a “Silent Siege.”

This public prayer witness carries a distinct difference from the atmosphere of many protests that occur on Capitol Hill, specifically at the U.S. Supreme Court. The people praying are silent, yet definitely it is a Siege—things are most certainly happening!

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