Rene Couture is currently a radio co-host and gives educational tours of America’s historic East Coast. The message she gives on the radio and on tour has become the message of her life.

Rene grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, prior to moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to attend Victory Christian Center and Victory Bible Institute. Rene has always had a heart for teenagers and began working for Tulsa Juvenile Bureau with delinquent and abused teens. At Victory Christian Center, she developed a heart to reach the nations with the truths of Christianity.

After several years at the Juvenile Bureau, she left to work and travel with Teen Mania Ministries, where she challenged young people to fulfill the call of God on their lives. After traveling and ministering in many nations throughout Latin America and Europe, she moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, to teach in a Bible School. Upon arrival in the former Soviet Union, she was also asked to be a Youth Pastor, a position she accepted, at a Russian church started by Americans. It was while living in Russia, that God began to challenge her to go in a different direction. All the time she spent traveling in Eastern Europe and then later while living in Russia, she kept pondering the question: Why is America so different? This question stirred her heart for years.

Upon moving back to the United States in 1995, she accepted a job to give historic tours on the East Coast. It was in the winter of 1996 that Rene started to hear about and research the influence that the Bible and Biblical Christianity have had on America. At this time, God altered the course of her destiny.

Now an independent, expert tour guide with over twenty years of professional educational tour experience, Rene has guided more than 10,000 students on East Coast tours. Her inspiring narratives at monuments, memorials, and historically significant places broaden people’s understanding of current events and enlarge their worldview.

Rene is passionate about challenging people to not merely exist. She stirs the hearts and minds of people of all ages to embrace God’s plan for their lives to impact the world in our time in history.

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